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current version: 0.0.3
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Crimson Chain Productions, a Maryland based film & video production company, brings you CHAINSAWLINUX - a Linux distribution designed solely for video editing, CGI, & 3D animation.


If you are here looking for CHAINSAWLINUX, then you've come to the right place.

We just got a new laptop (2Ghz AMD64 X2) to help in running CHAINSAWLINUX tests. This will hopefully allow us to get things accomplished a little faster (since we are a film production company, we often do a lot of work away from the office - so down time on site, without a computer to work on, unfortunately also means down-time for CHAINSAWLINUX). So now we don't have the "Dang, wished we had a laptop" excuse...

In other news, a while back we started a site for local film makers called It's for anyone who shoots and edits film or video, although it caters to "Independent Film & Acting News for Maryland, DC, and the Surrounding Areas" (thus the name ""). Designed with film makers and actors (with ties to the Maryland and surrounding areas) in mind, it allows you to get the film-related news you crave, as well as the opportunity to meet others in the industry, and, hopefully, can assist you to get film and/or video related work. Okay, why are we doing this? Well, we'd be lying if we said we weren't keeping an eye out for talented cast and crew, but even more, the opportunity to meet with others in this industry is a whole lot of fun! So, for us, it's about people - and a great way to share knowledge and stories... Go ahead, check it out!

Again, we get a lot of email from soon-to-be CHAINSAWLINUX users, and we do appreciate the emails asking for the updated link to get a copy - Sorry folks, but the link won't get posted until it's shipping. But don't worry, it'll be here very soon - and we really can't wait to get it to you! And once again, we ARE reading your email (and thanks for the support), but unfortunately we just don't always have time to reply.
Wednesday, April 4, 2007

We must apologize for not having a release of CHAINSAWLINUX already in your hands just yet, but we are working hard on it (we promise!). This past year has been pretty hectic - we've been working on everything from commercials, to industrial videos, to feature films (speaking of which, check out our current feature in prodution - a Sci-Fi called The Arcturus System)..
Monday, January 1, 2007

Hey all - our most humble apologies!

We've been working on a lot of different projects (like our feature film) and had to put chainsawlinux on the backburner for a little longer than originally anticipated, much to our dismay, since we ran into a few issues.

Also, we've had a lot of email from hopeful CHAINSAWLINUX users lately, and we do appreciate the emails asking for the updated link to get a copy of CHAINSAWLINUX - Sorry folks, but the link won't get posted until it's shipping. Don't worry, it'll be there very soon - and we can't wait to get it to you!

Please note: We ARE reading your emails! So keep 'em coming! We just get a little too busy sometimes to reply. If it's something urgent (you have software update news, etc.), and you haven't gotten a reply after a few days, please send us a second email.
Monday, November 27, 2006

Why is a film production company releasing a Linux distribution? There are several reasons... Many Linux distros are too bloated for their own good. Way too many things to install or choose from, and the average linux user doesn't need even a 1/2 of the stuff for his/her purposes and because of poor documentation, may not know what not to install.

Also, we've been dealing with a lot of different platforms and a lot of different headaches over the years. The worst headache is TECH SUPPORT! The big companies want more of your money so that you can help them fix their buggy software. Why pay them to fix something that you didn't break? (For instance: cars & trucks get recalled due to manufacturer defects, the dealer fixes them, and you don't pay for the repairs since your car is under warranty).

Lastly, cost - it costs a lot of money to buy the software needed to make a movie. The hardware is already expensive enough, but then you add into it the large dollars to spend on software and the cost for an editing system goes through the roof. Our goal is to keep it simple, keep the costs low, and keep it powerful enough to play with the big dogs.

So, we set out to create a total package by using an existing and very stable Operating System (Linux) and adding to it a NLE suite so that:
A) you can use the combination to edit and create video (including HDTV) and movies for a much lower cost than other Operating Systems/Editors.
B) you have the ability to fix any of the software yourself (if absolutely necessary).
C) you don't need to worry about the system being a webserver, mailserver, router, etc.
See what we mean? It sounds pretty good already, doesn't it?
Friday, September 22, 2006

That's all for now...
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